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  Wildlife Refuge Cabins are privately owned  and
  operated with hometown hospitality. Available are
  six fully furnished cabins. Three cabins can sleep
  one to eight persons. One cabin can sleep one to
  six, and two can sleep one to ten to accommodate
  larger groups. One cabin is handicap accessible.


  A written word from us to you ... ( view more )  
  August 24, 2016

summers end in sight
after many hot days, we are blessed with a few cooler ones in the mid 70's and rain to cut down on the dust and dry.Last weekend the area received the doubling of our area population with the return o the collage students,the weather did not cooperate however,those that stayed through Sunday were able to enjoy the local area and it's beauty as well as events.The parents were quite surprised at how everything in our area books up for MTU/FU events, as I always tell my guests and those that tried to book with us,if there is a event at MTU you MUST book 1 year in advance, same goes for prime time dates during the snowmobile season.So the end of summer events are now upon us Houghton Co. fair is the last hurrah for the school kids, can't beleive school is starting already.A fun event coming up in Oct. is the road rally weekend, and of course mother natures beautiful color show of fall colors.The senior ATV/UTV ride is coming up as well as trail clean up weekend.This year there will be ALOT of work as we had high winds that took down alot of trees.As always the local businesses take care of those that come up to volunteer,with bag lunches,picnic and free lodging.It's such a fun time to see old faces and meet new people that want to come and work on the trails they ride..it is SO APPRECIATED!!!Don't forget to join a local club that grooms the trails you enjoy,we all need your support and tourisum.Speaking of trail work,the grand opening to the snowmobile season is soon approching,Hay Days, another fun event where we get to see our patrons! For those of you that follow us on Facebook there is a small request from Dave and I, there is a go fund me article posted on there it's or our friend and employee Kathy's husband Bob, many of you have probably met Bob,as he has probably lent you a tool,canoe,tow etc. he has incurred many hospital bills from his recovery or should I say remission from stage 4 throat cancer if you can find it in your heart /wallet to send a donation to them it will be greatly appreciated. Trust me Kathy and Bob are proud people and have come to accept they need help and their niece set this up much to their disapproval,but as many have told them it is not a hand out it is from people that want to help and know you...so please read and donate what ever you can THANK YOU!!!


"All Tracks Lead Here"

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