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  Wildlife Refuge Cabins are privately owned  and
  operated with hometown hospitality. Available are
  six fully furnished cabins. Three cabins can sleep
  one to eight persons. One cabin can sleep one to
  six, and two can sleep one to ten to accommodate
  larger groups. One cabin is handicap accessible.


  A written word from us to you ... ( view more )  
  January 25, 2015

whew glad it's over
2 weekends in a row, no fresh snow a few days of warm temps. with light rain in some areas = lots of traffic, broke down groomers ,bumpy trails. With this area being the only one with snow it has been very busy for all, for the past 2 weekends. Wish people could under stand that grooming in temps. over 32 degrees is pointless and hard on equipment as well as groomers and operators.That's 2 things we can say here is we can't change the weather and if your here it can change in minutes! We want to thank all of our faithful customers that keep coming back to us for the past 13 years, this past 2 weeks I want to thank the Brown's as they brought us the most beautiful deer mount for our great room, the Speight group, hope you enjoyed your 2 days of off trail adventures want to thank you for dinner at the Pilgrim River, glad it was a good experience, also want to thank the VanRouden group for their wonderful $500.00 donation for the Make A Wish Ride In coming up this weekend,( also thank you for bring the memorial helmet please Mikie bless us with snow!) can't forget who's coming this coming week end Frank and the boys, glad your coming to the last ride in, looking forward to Super Bowl Party with you all!! We want to thank everyone who has given us a try this year,as many try to book with us but we book up very quickly for the winter months, long weekend, special event weekends and holidays, we hate saying sorry. We have 3 very busy weekends coming to the area this month and would like to put out a FYI for the MTU Winter Carnival most places here book a min. 1 year in advance!!! Well let's all think snow ,hope the ground hog sees his shadow!! Please for you boon dockers please know your areas and stay out of private land, the crack down IS COMING,let's do our part and be respectful .


"All Tracks Lead Here"

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